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Jan, 2015

Children’s Museum of NH Voted #1

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The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Chosen as the 2014 Non-profit Organization of the Year!

The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce recently announced that the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire is the recipient of the 2014 Non-profit of the Year Award!

Molly Hodgson, Executive Directorof the Greater Dover Chamber had this to say during the Annual Awards announcement on January 6th.

“These annual awards are a testament to the individuals and businesses that make Dover a great place to live, work and visit.The 2015 recipients were selected from nominations submitted to a committee of Chamber, business and community Leaders. As you can imagine, this is not an easy process and the outstanding selection committee should be acknowledged.”

As you may know, several Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, Professional Association staff members volunteer their time to help promote and grow the Museum’s many exciting programs—we are delighted to celebrate alongside the Museum’s staff and many hard working contributors.

About the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire is a leader in:

Family learning – the Museum prides itself of being a place where families can explore and learn together, and is ideally positioned to address issues that build communication and strong bonds within families.

Project-based learning – the Museum excels in hands-on creative problem-solving experiences based on real world situations, materials and tools. This approach supports layered complexity and depth, while promoting cognitive, social and physical development for a wide range of learners.

Life-long learning – we strive to serve as a critical resource for families and are investing in opportunities for our audience to take the Museum home with them, while inspiring and supporting their curiosity day-to-day.

The Museum received a Citizen’s Bank Champion in Action award for leadership in programming for children in challenging circumstances, the Governor’s Award for Cultural Access Leadership, and has received the Association of Children’s Museums’ Promising Practice Award for programs focused on disadvantages youth and youth with disabilities.

Founded in 1983 in Portsmouth, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire relocated to Dover in 2008. It offers a blend of art, science and cultural experiences for families. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to offering access to all children and families by minimizing barriers that prevent fair and meaningful educational and cultural opportunities. Since its inception, the Museum has served over 2 million people from New Hampshire and beyond.

The Children’s Museum is New Hampshire’s most visited educational and cultural institution. In our three years in Dover, the Museum has reached over 280,000 students and families from 110 New Hampshire towns and cities, communities throughout New England, and visitors from all over the world. 50% of our visitors came in free or with reduced admission, and 24% are from underserved audiences.