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Hard to believe another year has come and gone. And along with the changing of another calendar year comes another high-energy, fast-paced tax season. What;s the first thing that comes to mind when you begin to see fellow team members quicken their pace around the office, or notice the faint, rhythmic tone of the office phones slowly grow to the steady, John Williams  soundtrack that powers us through the closing bell.


Christina Hickey, a new Dover employee and talking to me with a very, very bad case of laryngitis (we hope you’re feeling better) grew up in Manchester NH with her parents and a younger brother. She is a 2013 UNH graduate with her undergraduate degree in accounting, but continued her studies and received a graduate degree from UNH in 2014 also in accounting. She had taken accounting in high school and said that it “made sense” to her. She sounds like an accountant, as she continues to work on passing more parts of the CPA exam. Her interest with numbers and debits and credits was also fostered by her teller position at St Mary’s Bank during a high school summer.

Christina enjoys listening to music and her hobbies include yoga, hiking and swimming. Christina lives by a quote from Buddha…what you think, you become…she believes you are in control of your own thoughts and the power of positive thinking.


Let’s meet Kathryn Mitropoulos. She shares her time with Wolfeboro and Dover clients. We call her Kathryn here at LMR since we have another Katie. Kathryn grew up in Gonic NH with her close-knit Greek family of parents, sister Elizabeth and lots of cousins. She graduated from UNH with a degree in accounting and she’s studying hard to pass the CPA exam. While working on her studies at UNH, she participated in Seacoast Reads, a program designed to help elementary students with reading and writing. Kathryn said she very much enjoyed working with those students.

She likes spending her free time with her family and being with friends on a Sunday afternoon (unless she’s diligently studying accounting!). One of her favorite quotes is “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”; she believes we should not let the worries of the unknown stop us from learning and trying something new.


Growing up in Eagle Michigan, Jacob Thom knows what rural is. His village had a fairgrounds, liquor store, bar and post office. That might beat places in northern NH. He grew up with 27 acres of land to run go carts, 4-wheelers and dirt bikes with his three brothers and they had lots of fun, crashes and broken bones. Jacob went to college in Michigan while he worked for the Michigan Department of Revenue. He held a variety of positions at the state over his several years of employment before moving to NH. He graduated with a degree in history but knew once he took his first accounting course that that was the career for him. Jake was “set up” with his wife, of less than two years, by his childhood friend. Kelly went to law school in Michigan, passed the Michigan bar and was a practicing attorney before they came east to join Kelly’s family who lives in Dover.

Jake is intense and focused while he works, and approaches his hobbies the same way: lifting weights and hunting. He works out as a stress release. It was Jake’s Dad that taught him that no matter what you are doing: shoveling, school, work, or lifting weights, always do the best you can and Jake tries to do that every day.

Jacob actually splits his time between the Wolfeboro and Dover offices. Dover remains on his photo banner due to the timing of this late breaking news flash.











We participate in a number of surveys on an ongoing basis—it’s nice to compare our Firm’s statistics to other CPA firms across the country. One question that is often presented is what is our most important attribute or asset. Easy answer—our people. I tell everyone I interview with—that even though this is the only place I’ve ever worked, and have nothing else to compare it to–that I think we have such a unique group of people working at our Firm.

Actually–this is my second job. I worked in the hardware department at Sears for a brief time while I was in college. One day a customer, who was upset at my lack of knowledge of drill bits, threw one at me so hard it ricocheted off my head and landed in the home appliance section. It was then that it dawned on me that maybe hardware wasn’t for me.

Anyway, to the uniqueness of Leone, McDonnell & Roberts:

In case you hadn’t noticed we now have a:

  • Katie and Katy
  • Kathleen and Cathleen
  • Brieanna and Brianna
  • Chris, Christina and Chris Michalman from IFP
  • Kristen and Dave’s wife Kiersten
  • Bill Ingram and Lynn’s husband Bill
  • Connie Medeiros and Connie Maratos, JD’s better half
  • Sharon, Shauna, Shelby and Ryan’s fiancé Shaylyn
  • Colleen, Charlene, Roger’s wife Marlene and who can forget Doreen
  • Lynn, Karin and Ryan’s fiancé Shaylyn
  • Son-in-law and father-in-law —Pete Ventura and Bob Pettirossi
  • David Verno and Kathy’s David
  • Mark Wesolaski, Jill’s husband Mark, and Saylee’s Mark
  • Jill, Jacob, Jason, Jack, JD, Janice, Judy, Joe and Evan’s wife Jess
  • Robert Wilson, Robert Pettirossi, Angela’s husband Robert, and of course, Tom Roberts
  • Paula’s husband, John, Diane’s husband John, John Callahan (goes by Jack), John Daigneault (used to go by Jack, now is JD), and Mark’s wife Jackie (who just had a baby, congrats!)
  • Thomas Roberts, Thomas Vanderhoof and Jacob Thom
  • Tavia, Saylee and Tawna—three names you’ve never heard before
  • Jack and Jill (last month we actually went up the hill to audit the Castle in the Clouds)
  • Jack and Diane (old John Cougar Mellencamp song for those too young to know)
  • Two new set of grandparents–congrats to Bill & Ann and Donna & Albert!
  • Three weddings this spring–congrats to Ryan & Shaylyn, Paula & John (Samantha) and Gene & Molly (Alissa)!
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the new Repair Regulations, this tax season promises to be, once again, a challenging one. We certainly appreciate everyone putting in the extra effort and hours. April 15th will be here before we know it.



A quick story to wrap up

Lynn and I presented the audited financial statements to the Capstone Community Action Program Board of Directors in Barre, Vermont a couple of weeks ago. After our presentation, the Finance Director spoke very highly about our audit team in general (congratulations to Lynn, Jason, Thomas and Jacob) and more specifically about Lynn’s passion for the programs being run at Capstone. Passion. It’s the word that comes to mind when thinking back on Gene’s career. It will always impress me—how passionate Gene was (and is) about the work he does, the clients he has served and the Firm as a whole. Let’s all take as much pride in our work—good examples to follow.