Leslie Gordon

I like to help ease the burden and lessen the stress of the process by assuring clients they are in good hands with our team.

Leslie’s Biography & Credentials

Leslie Gordon

Leslie is a Leone, McDonnell & Roberts Administrative Assistant, currently supporting our Stratham office. Before joining our team, Leslie built her career primarily through serving in the non-profit sector, including EastersealsNH and Rockingham Community Action.  She has also supported a small, family-owned CPA firm as well.

Leslie earned an associate’s degree in Business Administration from SNHU. In her role at Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, Leslie supports our accounting team across multiple tasks and initiatives. She’s highly organized and detail-oriented, using her people skills to serve clients who may feel overwhelmed by the process, putting their mind at ease and assuring them they are in good hands.

When not helping our Stratham office run smoothly, Leslie enjoys volunteering in her local community. She also loves spending her free time with her family, hiking, and visiting the Lakes Region.

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